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Heaven on Earth This Week

December 20 Newsletter There are many reasons for the season. Enjoy today’s blog and newsletter. Still looking for a gift, see specials inside. Join us for workshops and special offers, and new pieces of training. Sign-up for our Zoom Winter Solstice Ceremony on Monday, and New Years Day, experience direct Access to Your Inner Wisdom workshop. Blessed Sunday, All.

A Heavenly Focus

Dear Friends,This year I feel a sense of wonder like a child. Something beautiful is budding and building and illuminating. Do you feel it?

Heaven is here inside of us always. It is for us to let go and allow, and be, to discover it. What a wondrous ride to find all the love we seek inside.

No wonder many are lost when they are busy looking outside when the grace of God resides inside.

People ask me when my journey began. I tell them I knew as a child. To confirm this, I found a third-grade paper I wrote about the book that inspired the purpose and peace mission of Mahatma Gandhi’s journey. “The Kingdom of God is Within You.” By Leo Tolstoy, published in 1894. Look it up. It is quite amazing.

I have been guided to read great spiritual books from around the world since a child. They have fueled my soul staying awake and confirmed by knowing in a crazy mixed-up world. Finding the God within is the journey. Living it is the challenge to stay there and grow from here.

This is my mission in Be The Medicine to help you find the love, wisdom, and grace inside and live it in these times. All of our lives are enhanced, and we choose better ways to think, heal, and live.


I hope this finds you and yours well. We are rounding the corner of many things. Put your seat belts on, and be sure to steer well through the curves ahead.

This has been quite a challenging year. So good to see these last weeks with some positive Astrological alignments to help us recover. Venus is still with the Sun in Sagittarius, an expansive sign of movement, the higher mind, and celebration.

The Sun moves into Capricorn on Monday, the Winter Solstice 12/21. Both Saturn and Neptune rule Capricorn blending these to bridge Heaven-Neptune and Earth-Capricorn.  This is a little spoken about purpose with Capricorn. This highest purpose is to bring heaven to earth through us.

On Monday, we also have Saturn, grounded action, joins Jupiter, expanded movement, in the first degree of Aquarius, the planet of higher wisdom and working together. The age of Aquarius begins in earnest, looking at the bigger picture and unity. This historical event has not occurred in 800 years and symbolizes a new age beginning for humanity.

We have been over-focused on separation and restriction these past years, and now we will have an opportunity to grow in communion. There will be more explosive changes as the ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus, lightning bolt, change. Breaking out of restrictions can happen quickly and overtime in our minds, heart, and the outside world.

More planets will be dancing inflow and conflict with these planets over the next months. This assists us to change and grow in love and healing.

It is always a choice to work in harmony or hold out, as we have free will in how we decide to see the world and ourselves to work with the energy and opportunities. If you have been reading my work, you know I am always looking towards harmony, solutions, and positive outcomes.

I am working through the Holidays so please call or email. The Specials below are not on the website, so mention this newsletter for special offers.

In support of these times, I am offering these lower-priced specials below for gifts and you.

Look for gifts in services, classes, and sessions below. I have some crystals looking for new homes. Reach out if you feel called to discover if one is yours.

Look at the New Years Day $10. workshop and sliding scale workshops offerings and receive healing, peace, and comfort along with new skills to cope and heal yourself. I will be offering more Facebook Live free talks accessible to all soon.

Workshops and practice classes offer abundant energy and experiences. One night can move you and awaken places inside of you that have been waiting to open. We also have fun. Always laughing on the journey because of the delight of it all and us.

Happy Holidays.
Live in Wonder.

Love and Many Blessings to everyone.

Always in Love,
Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

973-647-2500 Email Janet

Enjoy! Meditations and Morning channeled inspiration and more on My New YouTube channel. Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine 

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A Story of Be The Medicine


Age of Aquarius, Blogs, Discount Specials, December-March Schedule Newsletter

 I began the study of yoga in 1981. I had two small children and appreciated finding a way to relax and cope beyond exercise and healthy eating. I found a yoga and meditation class taught by a young Swami in a local town in a storefront. This store was a small outpost of a larger yoga community in India and the US, the Himalayan Institute. I realize the amazing gift of this now. This was many years before anyone taught yoga in Morristown, NJ.

The deep wisdom and knowledge shared along with yoga asanas and meditation was the beginning of my study of this important tradition. This center was only there for only one year, maybe two. I related to the Guru Swami Rama’s teachings. They were easy to receive from his clear, down to earth perspective from his lifetime of inner work.

I bought the books and followed the physical, mental, and spiritual teachings. It was a breath of fresh air in a very challenging and tense life. I loved the spiritual focus in physical practice and deep guidance at every step.

When it came to meditation, this teacher said this was the way to quiet the mind. Having a life of trauma, I wanted to learn more. Meditation alone felt like it would take lifetimes to get there. My search to clear my mind and live mastery began and still lives there.

I studied with masters of many traditions in years after that and kept seeking mind, body, emotional, and spiritual freedom to be who we truly are. I was aware that I did not want to buy into a new tradition or belief system. I was learning how it is all Universal and wanted deeper answers to a spiritual seeker’s questions.

Each teacher, book, or tradition had tremendous answers, and yet I always felt that more truths were missing that were simple and easy that I was destined to find. Reading thousands of books from traditions around the world gave me more perspective.

I would feel something missing and be led to the next book or teacher. When I added more deep Shamanic teachings and refined them with Universal wisdom, it all finally came together.

My purpose in this life is to be a pioneer of a new simple, direct paradigm of living a whole and happy life. Yoga means union and wholeness. The Ancient Teachings of the Masters of the East have always been a core part of my inner wisdom and studies.

I could have stopped at any point and created a financially successful school and program, which I did have. I was drawn to continue my journey and follow a higher purpose that transcended what was done before to make spiritual wisdom and healing usable to everyday people.

Fifteen years ago, I took a sabbatical, which allowed me to integrate and refine the teachings to share with others. Just as I was to bring the work out a few years later, my daughter Lisa died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism, which took me to my core. Having a life-purpose gave me a reason to keep going.

I worked to reclaim my shattered self, heal, to rebuild myself and my work. I refined Be The Medicine as I experienced this tremendous loss. I lovingly healed myself with the awareness through my many levels of this experience using all the tools I had learned and taught.

All of this has been an incredible journey. My Shamanic experiences have added so much as I share my life in many dimensions with my father and daughter and mother and more on the other side. Helping people through life and death, illness, relationships, work, and life purpose with solid experiences make it easy to understand, have compassion, and guide solutions.


I work with intelligent people, and they are always amazed at how simple it can be to be clear, focused, and empowered in every moment. They learn to be awake, aware, peaceful, and free to be. Their lives make sense, and they can change to what they want easily.

Our life’s focus is clear, simple, and easy while exploring higher truth and laws. I also explored and studied and continued to refine what blocks us from getting there all along. Be The Medicine offers how to live our true nature here now.

Clients experience the higher wisdom they know inside and learn to love and trust what they know and break free from the illusions of the reality they have been living. Illusions are confusing, challenging, and do not help, heal, or work. We have to let go of what is not true at the levels we move into to find the higher truth that moves us into peace, clarity, and love.

We build on our innate intelligence to bring into our everyday life. I teach people to live right side up in our upside-down world. Our lives are in constant confusion of truth and lies, which keeps people compromised. There is a truth that sets us free that I guide people to access easily.

Unlearning what we have learned so well before takes practice as it is patterned in us personally, in many generations of our ancestry and the world. To be wrong is to discover how to correct and find truth, peace, healing, and love.

Living in the world and not of it is refined to understand what that really means. It takes tenacity and practice to overcome the hypnotism of the world and our individual lives. This is why I have taken so much time to make it simple.

As we walk this walk, we become clear, peaceful, empowered, and confident to know who we are and what we can choose, and what we can see and discern and be.

My Toltec Shamanic studies helped me see how much inner clearing and disciple it takes to be free. I also studied with Shamans from Tibet, Celtic, African, Siberian, Native American lineages, Sufi Masters, a Guru, Zen Masters, and more Shamans. Each brought unique perspectives and ways to heal and be.

I asked a question or knew the truth and was shown how it works and discovered how to live it. One of my main questions since a child has been, “How are we all one?” Discovering answers around the globe showed me how people and traditions are the same and also unique.

I found that humans make things complicated for two reasons. They do not know all of the pieces and make things up to fill it in and make a certain sense. Two is that they fool themselves to think they know it all instead of being ongoing students who always have much to grow into the wisdom and knowledge available.

To know that we do not know keeps us sharp and on track. As a teacher, I constantly learn more. I will never forget a student of decades ago once coming up to me and saying that she did not learn anything at the end of one of the most profound weekends I experienced when teaching. I told her I learned so much and was grateful for all of the student participation and experiences we all had. I realized how much the ego blocks us when we think we know it all.

My focus has always been Universal Truth that works for all. We all are important in the oneness of life and offer unique perspectives to add to the whole. As I studied, I learned about the illusions I had accepted. I learned about the illusions in each practice and tradition as well.

I am aware that there are levels of awareness in everyone. People do not see or hear the same things. As I continue to purify my thoughts and emotions and become more love, I see how people made fun of others because of fear when they do not understand because they are in a different reality.

In the many stages of awakening, I do my best to teach and work with people where they are and then gently push them beyond their comfort zone, which was holding them back.

Using humor, unconditional love, and compassion, we move mountains where others can be stuck for a lifetime. To me, the excitement of life is how we can continue to refine ourselves, heal our body, mind, and emotions, and embrace more wisdom in ways that help us live love, peace, health, and life more fully.

These pearls of wisdom with tools and practices to live them are addressed in all classes and sessions as appropriate. In 2021, I begin a series of classes breaking down more specific teachings individually for you to embrace. Zoom is our classroom of choice. I love this as people join from all over the country and eventually the world.

Everyone has their own journey. Our focus at Be The Medicine is neutral and Universal, offering you simple ways to walk your own walk-in confidence, strength, and grace.

Join us on this exciting adventure.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

new Website coming soon

Will be live next week  as Be The


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Janet discovered her Shamanic Calling in 1992 while working as a top Realtor who had been studying healing and spirituality for twenty-five years. The first awareness Janet had about who she was was that she knew she was a modern-day Shaman who would help people from all traditions and walks of life.

StraightArrow pursued extensive research and training with Shamans and Masters in many worldwide spiritual healing traditions. She discerned out limiting ways and beliefs and embraced what was relevant, universal, healing, and enlightening that would assist all.

Janet’s healing work is unique, powerful, and straightforward, focused on waking people up to the true nature of who they are as divine humans and the nature of the world we enjoy sacred play in.

Janet has a big energy of love and light. No pretense, just being, is what she is about. She is grounded, spiritual, and very real. Sessions and Classes illuminate and heal in ways that unfold naturally and gently.

Over these 29 years, Janet developed herself and her skills to accomplish her Shamanic work remotely and organically. Janet loves working on the phone, Zoom, in-person, and any way we can connect, heal, learn, and be.

A Shaman is known as one who heals themselves. This is one of the most powerful teachings we learn how to accomplish in Be The Medicine. We can all heal ourselves and so much more.

Call Janet today at 973-647-2500 and explore possibilities for your growth and healing.

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The Power of Prayer and Distant Healing

My first experience with a healing miracle happened almost forty years ago. I was the head of the prayer chain for my church to request healing prayers for people. I called ten people, and they called ten people, and so on.

One night a woman called for her husband, who had been rushed to the hospital in extreme pain. They found he had two big gall stones lodged in his body that were too big to pass on their own.

The doctor wanted to get him managed in pain and relaxed to operate first thing in the morning. The man’s request for healing was particular in that he asked for the gall stones to dissolve now completely.

That healing intention was passed on to all who were praying for this man. He was loved and active in many spiritual communities, and the prayers went far and wide.

At two in the morning, I woke up with a start and felt the stones were gone. At eight in the morning, his wife called me. She said her husband was out of pain at two o’clock and slept all night afterward.

The doctor came in for his morning rounds at seven, expecting his patient to be in pain, as medications would dull not relieve the pain. Since the man had no pain at all, the doctor decided to take another scan before surgery. The tests showed that the gall stones had disappeared completely.

They did not pass out of his body; they disappeared completely. The doctor was in shock. All of us who prayed and sent healing were pleased, grateful, awed, and inspired.

This experience encouraged me to continue my healing journey to research and learn what works to help people receive complete healing. I also found reasons healing does not occur and how to help change what I can of those too.

Miraculous Healing Basics to remember from this experience:

  • This man asked God and others for help.
  • He was open to receive complete healing.
  • His intention was clear. He wanted the stones to dissolve and disappear.
  • He was willing to release limiting beliefs and ask for the most that could happen, not the least.
  • The action was taken by those he asked and those who were called to assist.

These basics are some of what I teach people to assist them in their healing. The ability to allow and receive is needed. Having clear intent and to ask for what you want opens the door to receive.

I help people overcome doubt, fear, and limits, which block healing. Ask for divine help and allow others to assist. Many miraculous healings have occurred on my healing table and remotely since. I am always in gratitude and awe when miracles occur. I am also often inspired to ask others for prayers and healing energy for myself and others.

Since this amazing occurrence, I have learned volumes on healing through extensive study and experience. I have learned why miracles happen and why they do not. I am always open to the most for each person and allow the best healing outcome to occur.

We all have a hand in healing ourselves and helping others. Stay positive, focused, and allow the best to be. More follows. This is a basic of Be The Medicine. I hope this inspires you to embrace a healing journey and see where it takes you.

Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You. 973-647-2500

Call for an appointment for a session and see our healing classes and workshops.

Our new website is almost complete.

Take a peek at soon to be Be The

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A Time for Reconciliation

Dear Friends,
We are in the midst of extreme change and challenge on the planet. It is time to put down the swords and find a way to move forward with wisdom and grace.Ego wounds can be healed, and higher truth can be revealed to help us move forward. There has never been a more powerful time recognizing the limits of the human mind and emotions and reaching for a higher mind and solutions.

Life is an illusion as long as we live in fear and confusion. Life is divine when we align with higher purpose and meaning. We have access to many gifts when we are ready to let go of being right or wrong and seeking what helps and heals us all.

Take time in this New Moon energy to decide how to proceed. Turn off the news and find truth and love in ways that help you carry on. I see great possibilities for all of us as we work together, moving forward.

The Dalai Lama says it best as he was asked after a talk he gave, “Why didn’t you fight back against the Chinese?” The Dalai Lama looked down, swung his feet just a bit, then looked back up at us and said with a gentle smile, “Well, war is obsolete, you know.” Then, after a few moments, his face grave, he said, “Of course the mind can rationalize fighting back … but the heart, the heart would never understand. Then you would be divided in yourself, the heart and the mind, and the war would be inside you.”

All of our stress comes from the fight between the mind and emotions and our heart and soul. When we reconcile them to work together, we find strength, peace, and understanding tapping into our brilliance and solutions.

Keep focused on positive possibilities and put all of your energy and words there. You will find there is much to find worth living as you operate there.

Some opportunities for learning and experiencing this in sessions and classes. Free Facebook live event of Soul Shamanism where we have a direct experience of aligning with our soul details below. The new class begins in mid-January.

Be gentle and kind to you and all.
Instead of fear, focus on taking care of you and yours.
Put the focus on where you want to live inside and out.

The future is as positive as we create it to be.

Always in Love,
Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You.

I am busy finishing up our exciting new website to be up before 12/1/20

Current Website 973-647-2500 Email Janet

Spiritual Life Coaching and Healing Sessions with Janet StraightArrow

With a Medicine Bag of possibilities, work with Janet on an issue in your life, health, relationship, purpose, or career. Get unstuck, heal anxiety, worry, and fear. Janet is known for her practical wisdom, laughter, and unconditional love. She opens up a clear space for you to heal, feel connected to self and spirit, and be at peace. Learn to love you and trust yourself. Receive a deep energy clearing. Focus on complete healing, body, mind, and spirit. She will also offer you simple and direct tools and practices that you can continue on your own. Janet suggests you have clear questions and intentions to prepare for your session. Ongoing sessions offer deeper healing and personal and growth.

Janet StraightArrow is a Master Healer-Teacher, Heyoka Shaman, Reiki Master Teacher, Yogi, and Sage. A Shaman for Twenty-eight years and Reiki Master for twenty-four years, Janet has studied and integrated healing traditions and modalities from around the world from Astrology to Zen over fifty-three years seeking answers for questions on how to heal ourselves in body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul medicine. Her college degrees are in Nutrition and Psychology. Janet StraightArrow brings abundant knowledge, wisdom, patience, and joy as she supports you in sessions. It is always an adventure. Janet’s work Be The Medicine is a focused pathway for you walking your life and healing with spiritual purpose.

I am also putting together some healing gift boxes with crystals and more to be offered soon.

Working with Janet has brought me peace that is difficult to describe. I only know that since I began seeking her guidance over the past six years, she is the being who comes to mind when I am in crisis. She is the heart and soul where I know I will find peace and assistance to begin the process of unraveling any confusion I may be feeling about the current surfacing issues in my life. I am grateful for her loving presence and know that her energy is always out there supporting me…free of judgment, holding a higher knowledge for me than I can sometimes hold for myself.
 Short and sweet newsletter with new offerings and a preview for next year too11/16/20

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A Warrior for a Healthy Happy Life

This morning I woke up wondering how I made it here. I realized the title of this piece was how I traveled and who I am.

I grew up the oldest of three to a father who could not breathe. A mother who did her best to keep dad alive as a warrior with strong anger, fear, expectations, and love.

I raised myself more than not, as the focus was on everyone else. I was left to my own devices as others needed more than me.

At fifteen, the doctor told me I was going the way of my father and would not live long.

That was when I woke up from family patterns and beliefs that got me there and remembered that every day and thing we do and how we respond and act is a choice.

I chose happiness and to live a long healthy life every day since.

Through all the trials and tribulations of life, I chose to make it work and be happy. I also chose health and studied how we got sick and stayed well.

The underlying focus was to be happy, healthy, and live a good life.

No time to be a victim or be sick or in pain. I worked on health issues seeking perfect health and long life.

Far from perfect, I was challenged at many turns. Staying positive and loving and purposeful, I carried on.

I remembered what Mom said when I was small, “Can’t is not a word. It really is choosing not to.” I embraced that teaching every day since and realized it was always up to me to lead.

My dad told me I was equal to any man, and I carry that still and do not feel less than.

To be a warrior is to stay true to you. It’s something we live and teach our children too.

I never gave up in the face of tremendous loss. Like the energizer bunny, I keep going, and rest, and then carry on.

The strength of the warrior is not to fight others. It is to stay strong and true to you.

Love, grace, and strength do not make any enemies or take prisoners.

We carry on getting better with age.
No doubt, fear, or blame.
We live happy and sane.

Be a warrior for you. It is well worth the effort.
Only you can save your life and make it work for you.

Be loving, honest, and true.
Don’t forget to have fun too.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

Be The Warrior for You.! One thing that was told to me with my purpose was to live it and share my story to help others. It has not always been easy or comfortable to do so and yet this morning I realized just how important it is for me too. Hugs and love.

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We Are the Change, the Medicine, the Love

TAKE HEART DEAR ONES. The world changes and heals as we do. As we live the love, peace, joy, wisdom, health, and truth fully, people are transformed around us as we are. It may be very subtle, and then one day you notice your life and health are not the same and people in your life have also changed. You see and feel things in a new way. Keep going even when you are not seeing the changes. As we Are The Medicine, the transformation is organic. Be your best self even when you think no one is watching. Heal you without expectation. Enjoy the journey with innocence, freedom, and fun. Love you and all anyway and know you make a difference. You hold the Golden Key. Stay focused on the best and live there. You serve the earth and all for generations in all directions. Always in Peace and Love. Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

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Reiki Master Training Begins-Student Inquiries Welcome.


Are you ready for Reiki Master Healer Teacher Training?

Several students have reached out to me for Reiki Master Training, and I am gathering students for this comprehensive professional class.

Two levels of classes are offered one after another. I spread out the classes so that you can learn and practice and process everything in-between. I have taught Reiki for 24 years and am honored to train healers and teachers in this sacred practice.

I teach this over several months and bring you advanced practice, teachings, experience, and support from decades of working as a healer and teacher.

Payment plans are available as we learn, or discounts are offered when paying all upfront.

Reiki Master Training was originally a ten-year practice, study, and achievement. I do my best to take you to mastery through this class.

This year more than ever we need more Masters at healing and teaching. Not just in Reiki, in everything.

I am offering this on Zoom, and in-person classes.

Please read below and reach out to me at 973-647-2500 or with your questions and interest. To me, a Reiki Master is a Master, and we heal ourselves as we learn. This comprehensive training is life-enhancing, and you will graduate with a professional career. The best healing occurs when we are the medicine, the Reiki, for others, and us too.


Healing Mastery. 3 Day Training. Now that you have practiced the basics of Reiki 1 & 2, you are ready to learn a professional level of practice. We will work on professional levels of understanding and practice in bodywork/ healing with symbols/distance healing and scanning/mental/emotional healing. Master level attunements with more symbols learned and added to our tool bag to awaken more powerful energy transmissions and deeper self-healing and assisting others. Learn how best to assist clients and others you work with. Create a safe practice for you. Learn Mastery teachings and work on your deeper self-healing.

Reiki Master A New Life

Reiki Master
A New Life


This course completes your Master Training. 3-4 Day Usui Training added to the above class with additional Seichem, Teri Mai, and Shambhala Reiki Symbols. A Reiki Master means Reiki Teacher. Teaching is how we learn more fully. Healing is something we do as we evolve through the program and in life. This course offers a high level of teachings and healing to support clients and students, and you.

Reiki Energy Healing is now respected in hospitals and medical settings. As a Master, you are recognized as an Energy Medicine Professional, and your clients may have Insurance coverage. Reiki assists with body, mind, emotion, and spiritual healing.

The gift of Reiki is good medicine in all circumstances. As a Master, you carry a high vibration of healing, love, and light. You understand the complete system and can speak about it and practice it easily. To complete this training is a new beginning to your life and healing. You also have a professional career as you complete this training.

As a Master, your first responsibility is to heal you and continually deepen your personal healing journey. Your greatest learning will happen in your practice with others and self. During this training, you will have extensive practice in each class and in between. This class offers a firm foundation to build on for your Reiki Master Practice.

You do not have to plan to teach classes, yet teaching people to heal themselves and offer attunements to assist clients in their healing is important for all Reiki Masters to offer. You will also learn how to teach each level. The more you understand, the more you can offer others.

Four sets of attunements to Reiki Master Level Symbols. Meditations and Journeys to work with higher self-guides and teachers. We review the basics of Energy Healing, Reiki 1, and Reiki 2 and further take each level. Review how to ground and balance you and your clients. Learn how to work with clients and students from Janet’s decades of experience. Several ways to work with chakras for each level. Deep healing of issues on all levels taught.

Spiritual tools for you and your clients to deepen sessions and classes. Working with guidance and advanced healing methods, including Medical Intuition Learn Reiki Master Symbols and Advanced Teachings for Healers.

Learn and practice attuning each other to all levels of Reiki-Mastering the Symbols and Methods. Learn how to teach individuals and groups. Learn how to attune clients and students to Reiki of all levels.

You learn how to use Reiki Symbols for basic healing, advanced disease, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing, hospice, for patients, friends, and family. Learn and practice advanced energy healing. Prepaid. Payment plan available.

Apprenticeship opportunities to teach with Janet are available for each level. Inquire 973-647-2500

Reiki Master Testimonial. “I actively searched for one year for a teacher/healer that was spiritual and knowledgeable. I have found this in Janet. She is a very spiritual, caring woman. Her abilities and areas of expertise are many and varied. The blending of several different healing techniques is, I believe, very unique and powerful. But more importantly, she has made a profound difference in my life. I have been a spiritual seeker for many years, and through my work with Janet, I find myself catapulted into new levels and depths of growth. Through her healing sessions, soul retrievals, Reiki classes, and Shamanic healing, I am not the same person I was just several months ago. My physical health is 100 times better than it was, but more importantly, my inner self, the me that I carry with me all of the time and live with daily, has gone through profound changes for the better. I am more joyful, loving, peaceful and I pray, more of a healer myself. She has enabled me to make some internal changes that have shifted my entire view on life. I am in love with life again. She has allowed one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life to occur through love and life and dedication to her work as a healer. I am gifted, proud, and very honored to know and study with her. Her lineage will be one of the important spiritual growth paths of the new millennium.”-D.K. Reiki Master-Healer-Teacher.

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Dear Friends,

We are living in most incredible times. We have been thrown into deep space to reflect on our lives and determine how to live and see the world from this new space.

Our ego wants to decide and be comfortable and makeup stories, reasons, blame, and judgment. Our soul wants us to be present, loving, and whole to experience the learning, awakening, and possibilities.

How do we blend our ego and soul to attain a life we can live with? That is the journey of Be The Medicine. Living our wholeness, health, and best life authentically requires some mastery all along the way.

We surrender to the questions, the learning, and discovering the answers inside and out. I love to see it as an adventure in our humanity. As I have recovered my history in this life, and many past lives and studied astrology and many forms of spiritual learning, I understand the journey is never-ending.

So when the ego wants to limit, believe, or blame, it is important to reflect without self-judgment, and see where you can learn, find the truth, and live peace within.

There are many stories in the world and inside of us. Learning to discern is a simpler task than you might imagine. To decide to release the ego limits to live the soul wisdom is a journey in itself.

This journey is one I take you on and guide you through to see life from a higher perspective and make it work for you today. Health on all levels is a focus, and so is how you see and live your life in alignment with your best possibilities and choices.

Everything is a choice more than most people can even imagine. Once we experience how we choose, we can choose again if it is not what we want to live.

All of the world’s outer eruptions are a reflection of our inner wounds, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, fears, and how we play them out. As each of us wakes up to our responsibility, we can choose to change our lives and world.

I enjoy making it fun. After fifty-three years of sincere study and openness to all possibilities, I found the narrow path of truth that is actually most expansive. Then I took it all to help people understand themselves and what has created their lives and health and assist them in realigning with the highest potential they can live.

Joy is the journey because it is liberating to be free of all of the heavy limits, pain, and suffering we have accepted our lives to be.

There are always more answers, more questions, and possibilities. Join me and us on the adventure in private sessions, classes, and professional pieces of training.

Blessings and Love To All,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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Stay Grounded in Changing Times.

The World Changes and Stays the Same

9/16 Newsletter Live Peace in Challenging Times.

Welcome Fall Blog and Storytelling on the Journey

Dear Friends,

Every day is always a new adventure.
One thought I have in these times is how great the opportunity is for us to wake up from our collective sleep.

As humans, it has been easy for us to take many things about life and our life for granted. No more.

It is a beautiful time to be present and pay attention and decide how differently we might want to live.

I have heard people say that they are appreciating being with their families at home and getting to know one another in a whole new way. People are finding more time to relax and enjoy themselves, employ self-care, and know and love themselves.

When all of this lockdown and fear occurred early this year, I realized how people are ready to be the medicine in their lives. What has been is not working, so another way is opening for us to live authentically.

No one is our savior, but us. The the gift of free-will is we choose all along the way, how we will live, what we create, and what we tolerate.

We give power to others organically, and it is time to stop that and make choices for us.

Do we want health and happiness and success? Then it is time to step up and be focused there.

The highest level of spirituality is grounded and real. It is simple, straightforward, logical, and makes sense. This has been a focus for me since the beginning. Learn how to live the highest truth and most profound love and be healthy, happy, and successful in all areas of life. And have fun!

It is the rules of the world imposed on everything that creates a disconnect, fear, and not trusting ourselves because we are living against us and the truth of all.

It all begins in our mind and what we listen to and follow often unknowingly. Last month I taught Taking the Monkey out of your Mind. It is a beginning practice I teach to open us to grounded living and spirituality.

I will be teaching it again in October; see below for sliding scale pricing. I am refining follow up classes to continue your awakening and healing journey. See our next newsletters and my website for updated class offerings.

You will learn how to be grounded in you and all possibilities of who you are and can be. The world is more compassionate when you learn to live unconditional love, truth, and embrace your wholeness and holiness.

We always have fun and laugh as we deal with what is. As we unveil the illusions, we have compassion for us, and all, as we awaken what is real.

The last call for this season’s Soul Shamanism 101 beginning Thursday night on Zoom. Have a genuine experience of your soul, who you are, your life purpose, immediate healing, and more.
We begin this Thursday night on Zoom.
Sign up by Wednesday to be sure to receive the Zoom link. Details below.

More classes are being developed and scheduled. Check on the see the website for regular updates.

Have a delicious week. Schedule a private session.
See one-time sliding scale pricing below.

Blessings and Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

Enjoy this newsletter for updates on sliding scale classes and sessions. 

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